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The Lone Star metal detector is designed for a variety of applications including coin shooting, relic hunting, and general purpose detecting.

This metal detector features target identification and mode in an easy with a LCD display, which is easily read. Standard features include a built-in speaker, headphone jack and adjustable aluminum stem with an ergonomic S-Rod handle and armrest. All this is backed by Bounty Hunterís exclusive five-year limited warranty







  • Three modes (Discriminate, Auto-Notch, and All Metal)

  • Touch Pad controls

  • Five segment digital target identification

  • Three tone audio feedback

  • Built-in speaker

  • Headphone jack

  • Adjustable aluminum stem

  • Ergonomic "S" rod handle and armrest

  • 5 year warranty


Retail $219.95


Shipped only within the United States

We are dealers of Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors which are made by First Texas Products